Aiming for a healthier 2017 ? Here are the 6 questions you need to ask yourself


Experts reveal the questions you need to answer to give your body a much-needed New Year

Am I getting enough vitamin D
Have you got any joint pain? Don?t just brush it off – it could be due to lack of vitamin D. “Research has found vitamin D deficiency affects not only bone deformity but muscle aches, joint aches, immunity, inflammatory diseases and your general mood and well being,” said another General Practitioner Dr Khaled Sadek. “You might just not feel very well, you might be complaining of non-specific joint pain or muscle ache. Vitamin D deficiency is a very common finding on routine blood tests. I would recommend patients take a daily supplement,” Sadek added.

Is my skin looking any different?
You should give yourself a skin self-exam every month, says our expert – so why not do your first today and start the year as you mean to go on? “The purpose of this is to detect unusual growths or changes early,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson. “The ideal time is probably after a bath or shower. It is important to look closely at the entire body including the scalp, buttocks and genitalia, palms and soles including the spaces between the fingers and toes,” Mahto explained.

Am I drinking too much?
It?s easy to not notice how much you are drinking when it?s just sociable. But like with your five a day, jot down a tally for a few weeks every time you have a drink. You will probably be surprised at how the units add up – and soon it will make you rethink whether you really want that extra glass of wine. “Recent reports have suggested everyone who drinks more than 40 units on a regular basis should be tested for liver damage,? said a General Practitioner Dr Ian Campbell and campaigner for the treatment and prevention of obesity. Campbell stated.

Am I going to the loo too often?
“If your bowel habit changes significantly over a six-week period, either more or less often, or especially if there’s any bleeding or pain accompanied with a bowel movement, speak with your doctor. He our she would almost certainly consider referring you for urgent cancer tests,” Campbell noted.

Do I get more out of breath than I used to?
“Regardless of your age, you should be able to do normal activities like walking up the stairs without undue breathlessness,” Campbell said.

“If things start to change, if you develop chest pains or light hotheadedness, or start to experience breathlessness when you previously wouldn’t, you need to consider medical tests, looking for ischemic heart disease or even heart failure,” Campbell explained.

Is my eyesight worse or am I just tired?
Ask yourself if you ? you’ve noticed any difference when reading things around your home. “Any change in your ability to read food labels or simply to read an email or text should alert you to the possibility of a problem, but regular checks by an optician are advisable for everyone,” Campbell concluded.


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