Cops in Jordan shoot dead four ‘terrorists’ in dramatic end to standoff with gunmen hiding in ruins of Crusader-era castle


COPS in Jordan have killed four ‘terrorist’ gunmen after they massacred a female Canadian tourist and nine others in a series of attacks earlier today. Authorities say their standoff with the attackers – who were hiding in the city’s Crusader-era castle – has now ended following a dramatic raid. A heavily armed Jordanian cop stands guard at the scene of the raid. Cops ended the standoff tonight by raiding the castle and killing four “terrorists”



The incident occurred today in the Jordanian city of Karak when the gunmen opened fire on police patrols. Earlier police had freed ten people from the castle, including foreign tourists, but some remained trapped inside. Tonight Jordanian security forces said the siege had ended with the death of four “terrorist outlaws” after they were flushed out of the castle. An official statement said the four assailants, who shot at police targets in the town before heading to the Crusader-era castle, carried automatic weapons. Large quantities of explosives, weapons and suicide belts were seized in a hideout, it added. The statement made no mention of their identity or whether they belonged to any militant group. Earlier a senior security source said some people were trapped in a lower floor of the citadel when the gunmen took shelter, but denied media reports that they were being held as hostages.


The first attack took place when a police patrol went to check on a fire that had broken out in a house in Karak. Officials said: “As soon as they reached the area, unknown gunmen who were inside the house opened fire on the patrol, wounding a policeman, and then fled by car. “Shortly afterwards, gunmen opened fire on another patrol without causing any casualties,” it added. At the same time, gunmen holed up in the Crusader castle opened fire on the Karak police station, wounding several policemen and passers-by” who were rushed to hospital, the statement added.


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